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How Does The Goodness Baked Fundraising Scheme Work

Puddings will be ordered through our web shop, Which is just below.

This year we will be producing 454g Goodness Baked Premium Christmas Puddings for fundraisers. We have had a very busy year setting up a brand new factory in fact we only got the keys on the 1st of May, we still managed to turn first productions on the 11th June though. 

For 2019 we will increase the range to include Goodness Baked sponge puddings, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Squidgy Chocolate Pudding, Lemon & Lime Pudding with a Gin & Tonic Sauce. We will also add to the Christmas pudding range the 908g and a 2 x 120g gift pack.


We have had to put  a minimum order value on these products to keep it viable. The minimum spend will be £300

How much do the puddings cost?

454g puddings are £3.95 recommended selling price £6.95


Can you personalise the puddings? 

Yes, we will offer personalised labels. These will need to be applied to the black high gloss presentation box. The image must be sent to as a jpeg so we can drop it into our software. The labels will be sent out for the end user to apply, these may be in advance of the puddings.

The puddings will come in a high gloss black carton, to give a really great gift appeal.


For 2019 we are also going to offer to fundraiser Gingerbread Christmas Trees, A small range of luxury tinned biscuits these again can be personalised, and can count towards your minimum order.

Goodness Baked Premium Fundraiser Pudding

Goodness Baked Premium Fundraiser Pudding

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