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How Does The Goodness Baked Fundraising Work?

Puddings will be ordered through our web shop, Which is just below, Keep Scrolling down..

This year we have a new improved recipe for our 454g Goodness Baked Premium Christmas Puddings for fundraisers. We will be working with a local artisan brewer only 4 miles from the bakery and we will be infusing our puddings with their Whisky Vanilla Stout, Check out the Avid Brewing Co.

As promised  we are increasing the range this year to include Goodness Baked sponge puddings, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Squidgy Chocolate Pudding & our Lemon Curd Pudding.

We are also adding two all butter shortbread biscuits to the range. These will be presented in a clasp topped lid, making this an excellent reusable gift


We have had to put  a minimum order value on these products to keep it viable. The minimum spend will be £330

How much do the puddings cost?

We know fundraiser work in very different ways, just like all our customers do. We have fundraisers that work on 40% mark up and so have worked as high at 75% mark up. We will happily talk thing through with you if needed.


Can you personalise the puddings? 

Yes, we will offer personalised labels. These will need to be applied to the black high gloss presentation box. The image must be sent to as a jpeg so we can drop it into our software. The labels will be sent out for the end user to apply, these may be in advance of the puddings.

The puddings will come in a high gloss black carton, to give a really great gift appeal.

Goodness Baked Premium Fundraiser Pudding
Goodness Baked Premium Fundraiser Pudding

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We love our customers, and love to talk about christmas puddings so feel free to call during normal business hours.

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